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Anatomical side markers – a future vision for a perennial problem.Wheeler, GerardConferenceMISLABELLING; SIDE MARKERS; IMAGES; ANATOMICAL2021 
Infection-related mortality in adults and children undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation: an Australian registry report.Lindsay, J.; Kerridge, I.; Wilcox, L.; Tran, S.; O'Brien, T.; Greenwood, M.; Chen, S.; Kong, David C. M.; Pergam, S.; Liu, C.; Slavin, M.Journal ArticleHEMATOPOIETIC CELL; TRANSPLANTATION; INFECTION-RELATED MORTALITY; NONRELAPSE MORTALITY2021 
Radiologically and clinically diagnosed acute pulmonary oedema in critically ill patients: prevalence, patient characteristics, treatments and outcomes.El-Khawas, Khaled; Richmond, Danielle; Zwakman-Hessels, Lara; Salvatore, L. Cutuli; Belletti, Alessandro; Naorungroj, Thummaporn; Abdelkarim, Hussam; Yang, Natalie; Bellomo, RinaldoJournal ArticleRADIOLOGY; DIAGNOSIS-EVALUATION; RESEARCH-METHODOLOGY; RESEARCH-EVALUATION; INTENSIVE CARE UNITS2021 
Immunohistochemical investigation of cytokine expression levels as biomarkers in transrectal ultrasound‑guided needle biopsy specimens of prostate adenocarcinoma.Singh, J.; Thachil, Thanuja; Eapen, M.; Lim, A.; Sufyan, W.; Rawson, R.; Duncan, H.; De Ieso, P.; Sohal, S.Journal ArticleCYTOKINE EXPRESSION; PROSTATE CANCER; IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL STAINING; PROSTATIC NEEDLE BIOPSY SPECIMEN2021 
Lopinavir-ritonavir and hydroxychloroquine for critically ill patients with COVID-19: REMAP-CAP randomized controlled trial.Arabi, Y.; Gordon, A.; Derde, L.; Nichol, A.; Murthy, S.; Beidh, F.; Annane, D.; Swaidan, L.; Beane, A.; Beasley, R.; Berry, L.; Bhimani, Z.; Bonten, M.; Bradbury, C.; Brunkhorst, F.; Buxton, M.; Buzgau, A.; Cheng, A.; De Jong, M.; Detry, M.; Duffy, E.; Estcourt, L.; Fitzgerald, M.; Fowler, R.; Girard, T.; Goligher, E.; Goossens, H.; Haniffa, R.; Higgins, A.; Hills, T.; Horvat, C.; Huang, D.; King, A.; Lamontagne, F.; Lawler, P.; Lewis, R.; Linstrum, K.; Litton, E.; Lorenzi, E.; Malakouti, S.; McAuley, D.; McGlothlin, A.; Mcguinness, S.; McVerry, B.; Montgomery, S.; Morpeth, S.; Mouncy, P.; Orr, K.; Parke, R.; Parker, J.; Patanwala, A.; Rowan, K.; Santos, M.; Saunders, C.; Seymour, C.; Shankar-Hari, M.; Tong, S.; Turgeon, A.; Turner, A.; Van de Veerdonk, F.; Zarychanski, R.; Green, C.; Berry, S.; Marshall, J.; McArthur, C.; Angus, D.; Webb, S.; REMAP-CAP InvestigatorsJournal ArticleADAPTIVE PLATFORM TRIAL; COVID-19; HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE; INTENSIVE CARE; LOPINAVIR-RITONAVIR; PANDEMIC; PNEUMONIA2021 
Temporal trends in patient risk profile and clinical outcomes following percutaneous coronary intervention.Dawson, L.; Dinh, D.; Duffy, S.; Clark, D.; Reid, C.; Brennan, A.; Andrianopoulos, N.; Hiew, C.; Freeman, M.; Oqueli, Ernesto; Chan, W.; Ajani, A.; Melbourne Interventional GroupJournal ArticlePERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION; OUTCOMES; TRENDS; QUALITY IN CARE; PCI2021 
Resident-to-resident elder mistreatment in residential aged care services: a systematic review of event frequency, type, resident characteristics, and history.Woolford, Marta; Stacpoole, Susan; Clinnick, LisaJournal ArticleRRA; RESIDENT-TO-RESIDENT AGGRESSION; NURSING HOME; NEGLECT; ABUSE; QOL2021 
Scedosporium and Lomentospora infections in lung transplant recipients.Rammaert, B.; Neoh, Z.; Chen, S.; Kong, David C. M.; Slavin, M.Journal ArticleLUNG TRANSPLANT; SCEDOSPORIOSIS; LOMENTOSPORIOSIS; INFECTION; COLONISATION2021 
ARMA - awards, research, marketing, advocacy: HLA’s 4-pronged demonstrating value model.Ritchie, A.; Siemensma, GemmaConferenceHEALTH LIBRARIES; PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION; ADVOCACY; ALIA2021 
Prone Positioning of Nonintubated Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Reddy, M.; Subramaniam, A.; Afroz, A.; Billah, B.; Lim, Zheng J.; Zubarev, A.; Blecher, G.; Tiruvoipati, R.; Ramanathan, K.; Wong, S.; Brodie, D.; Fan, E.; Shekar, K.Journal ArticleAWAKE PRONING; CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019; HYPOXEMIC RESPIRATORY FAILURE; POSITIONING; PRONE ENDOTRACHEAL INTUBATION; SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME CORONAVIRUS 22021 
Obtained from Critical Care.pdf.jpgSelective digestive decontamination, a seemingly effective regimen with individual benefit or a flawed concept with population harm?Hurley, James C.Journal ArticleBACTEREMIA; MECHANICAL VENTILATION; SELECTIVE DIGESTIVE DECONTAMINATION; POLYMYXIN2021 
Obtained from BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.pdf.jpgAccessing and engaging with antenatal care: an interview study of teenage women.Wong Shee, Anna; Frawley, Natasha; Robertson, Carolyn; McKenzie, AnneMarie; Lodge, Julie; Versace, Vincent; Nagle, CateJournal ArticleADOLESCENT PREGNANCY; MATERNAL HEALTH SERVICES; PRENATAL CARE; RURAL HEALTH2021 
Building a rural workforce through identifying supports for rural, mature-aged nursing and allied health students: A systematic scoping review.Quilliam, C.; Crawford, N.; McKinstry, C.; Wong Shee, Anna; Harvey, P.; Glenister, K.; Sutton, K.Journal ArticleEDUCATION; MATURE-AGED; RECRUITMENT; RURAL HEALTH; STUDENTS2021 
Totally occluded culprit coronary artery in patients with non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention.Fernando, H.; Duffy, S.; Low, A.; Dinh, D.; Adrianopoulos, N.; Sharma, Anand; Karlheinz, P.; Stub, D.; Leong, Kai'En; Ajani, A.; Clark, D.; Freeman, M.; Sebastian, M.; Brennan, A.; Selkrig, L.; Reid, C.; Kaye, D.; Oqueli, ErnestoJournal ArticlePCI; PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION; STEMI; MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION2021 
Differences in outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Victoria, Australia: a multicentre, prospective, observational, cohort study.Dawson, L.; Burchill, L.; O'Brien, J.; Dinh, D.; Duffy, S.; Brennan, A.; Clark, D.; Oqueli, Ernesto; Hiew, C.; Freeman, M.; Reid, C.; Ajani, A.; Melbourne Interventional Group InvestigatorsJournal ArticlePCI; PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION; INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS2021 
Update on voluntary assisted dying in Australia.McLean, C.; Mewett, GregJournal ArticleEUTHANASIA2021 
Support for and willingness to be involved in voluntary assisted dying: a multisite, cross-sectional survey study of clinicians in Victoria, Australia.Sellars, M.; Tacey, M.; McDougall, R.; Hayes, B.; Pratt, B.; Hempton, C.; Detering, K.; Aldrich, Rosemary; Benson, M.; Kirwan, J.; Gold, M.; O'Driscoll, L.; Ko, D.Journal ArticleASSISTED SUICIDE; EUTHANASIA; ASSISTED DYING; SURVEYS AND QUESTIONNAIRES2021 
Pembrolizumab plus concurrent chemoradiation therapy in patients with unresectable, locally advanced, stage III non-small cell lung cancer. The phase 2 keynote-799 nonrandomized trial.Jabbour, S.; Lee, K.; Frost, N.; Breder, V.; Kowalski, D.; Pollock, T.; Levchenko, E.; Reguart, N.; Martinez-Marti, A.; Houghton, B.; Paoli, J.; Safina, S.; Park, K.; Komiya, T.; Sanford, A.; Boolell, Vishal; Liu, H.; Samkari, A.; Keller, S.; Reck, M.Journal ArticleCHEMORADIATION; PEMBROLIZUMAB; ONCOLOGY; LUNG CANCER2021 
Pelvic pain: What are the symptoms and predictors for surgery, endometriosis and endometriosis severity.Conroy, I.; Mooney, S.; Kavanagh, S.; Duff, Michael; Jakab, I.; Robertson, K.; Fitzgerald, A.; Mccutchan, A.; Madden, S.; Maxwell, S.; Nair, S.; Origanti, N.; Quinless, A.; Mirowski-Allen, K.; Sewell, M.; Grover, S.Journal ArticleCHRONIC PELVIC PAIN; ENDOMETRIOSIS; PAIN SCORES; QUALITY OF LIFE; REAL-WORLD STUDY2021 
Development of a risk prediction model of pneumothorax in percutaneous computed tomography guided transthoracic needle lung biopsy.Weon, JangHo; Robson, Scott; Chan, R.; Ussher, SimonJournal ArticleCT-GUIDED LUNG BIOPSY; INTERCOSTAL CATHETER; PNEUMOTHORAX; RISK FACTOR; RISK PREDICTION MODEL2021 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1317