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Title: Patients' perspectives of factors influencing active participation in healthcare interactions: A qualitative study.
Author: Cvetanovska, N.
Jessup, R.
Wong Shee, Anna
Rogers, S.
Beauchamp, A.
Issue Date: 2023
Publication Title: Patient Education and Counseling
Volume: 114
Start Page: 107808
Abstract: Objective To understand patients’ perspectives of factors influencing their active participation in healthcare interactions. Methods A descriptive qualitative approach informed by naturalistic inquiry was used to secondarily analyse interview and focus group data from a study that co-designed a communication-skills learning resource for patients. The COM-B Behaviour Model was used to explore factors that influenced patient participation in healthcare communication. Thirty-nine participants took part in either individual interviews (n = 25) or a focus group (n = 14). Results From the COM-B domains nine factors emerged: capability (personal characteristics, patient language and culture, emotion or stress arising from the interaction), opportunity (time constraints, empowering actions, patient-clinician relationship, having a support person present) and motivation (preparation prior to the interaction, perception of patient-provider power imbalance). Conclusion Many of the factors influencing active patient participation are modifiable, suggesting barriers to effective communication are not insurmountable. Clinicians and patients both play a role in improving communication; effective strategies include agenda setting, cultural and communication skills training for staff, and teach-back. Practice implications Clinicians must be aware of the factors influencing patient active participation in healthcare interactions. Healthcare organisations should consider providing communication-skills training for clinicians so they can implement strategies to overcome communication barriers with patients.
Internal ID Number: 02249
Type: Journal Article
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