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Title: Patient preference for urologist gender.
Author: Wynn, Jess
Johns-Putra, Lydia
Issue Date: 2021
Publication Title: International Journal of Urology
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Start Page: 170
End Page: 175
Abstract: Objectives To determine the factors associated with patients preferring the gender of their treating urologist in various clinical settings. Methods A total of 400 urology outpatients participated in a structured interview on the nature of their presenting complaint, perception of their complaint and the preference for the gender of their urologist in four specific scenarios of consultation, physical examination, office‐based procedure and surgery. Patients who expressed a gender preference received follow‐up telephone calls. Results A gender preference was expressed by 63 (15.8%), 108 (27.0%), 89 (22.3%) and 29 (7.3%) patients for the scenarios of consultation, physical examination, office‐based procedure and surgery, respectively. Patients were more likely to have a preference if they were female or had a condition they considered embarrassing, with most preferences being for a gender‐concordant urologist. Reasons included a previous negative experience and perceived gender‐specific treatment styles. Patients who subsequently saw a doctor of the opposite gender to their preference were more likely to change their mind if their clinical interaction was positive. Conclusions Female patients, those with a perceived embarrassing condition and patients undergoing examination or office‐based procedures are more likely to have a gender preference for their urologist, with a subsequent positive experience leading to patients discarding pre‐existing preferences. With improved understanding of how patient characteristics, perception of their condition and previous experiences can affect their choices in various clinical situations, urologists can better meet patient expectations and address barriers to healthcare in urology.
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Type: Journal Article
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