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Title: Comparison of radiologically inserted arm ports versus surgically placed chest ports for chemotherapy.
Authors: Weickhardt, Andrew
Joseph, Timothy
Shea, Susan
Arhanghelschi, Dan
Lowe, Andrew
Hamilton, Kate
Chong, Geoff
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Wiley Publishing.
Publication Title: Asia-Pacific Jounal of Clinical Oncology
Volume: 5
Issue: 3
Start Page: 181
End Page: 186
Abstract: Aim: Central venous access ports (CVAP) are often required to deliver chemotherapy to cancer patients. Arm-sited CVAP are an alternative to traditional chest-sited CVAP, but their durability and complication rates have not been thoroughly compared. Methods: A retrospective analysis at a single institution was conducted of all patients who had a chest port inserted for chemotherapy over a 30-month period and compared to patients who had an arm port inserted over a subsequent 30-month period. The minimum follow-up period in patients who did not die from cancer was 6 months. The primary endpoint was successful use of the port, defined as a patient completing chemotherapy without a complication prompting removal of the port. Results: The success rate was not significantly different between arm port (92 patients) or chest port (49 patients) groups (88 vs 92%). There were no significant differences between infective or thrombotic complications in the two groups. Conclusion: Arm CVAP were found to be equivalent in durability and complications compared to chest CVAP for chemotherapy administration at a regional oncology unit.
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ISSN: 1743-7563
Internal ID Number: 00078
Type: Journal Article
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