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Title: Inequity in health: older rural driving and dementia.
Authors: Ferrah, Noha
Obieta, Alfredo
Ibrahim, Joseph E.
Odell, Morris
Yates, Mark
Loff, Bebe
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: BMJ
Place of publication: London, UK
Publication Title: Injury Prevention
Volume: 22
Issue: 4
Start Page: 292
End Page: 296
Abstract: This paper describes the difficulties inherent in addressing the question of when and in what circumstances a diagnosis of dementia might render a person unfit to drive and focuses on those who live in rural areas. We examine the consequences of dementia diagnosis on driving, driver testing requirements and licensing procedures, and the impacts of driving cessation. We then discuss how living in rural areas may alter the level of risk of drivers with dementia and practical implications for licensing policies.
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ISSN: 1353-8047
Internal ID Number: 00781
Health Subject: DEMENTIA
Type: Journal Article
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