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Title: Neurofibroma versus subgemmal nerve plexus hyperplasia: report of a case affecting the tongue and review.
Authors: Balakrishnan, Vikram
Guirguis, Mark
Muthurajah, Vanaja
Issue Date: 2011
Conference Name: The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress
Conference Date: May 3-6
Conference Place: Adelaide
Abstract: We report the case of an unusual neural lesion affecting the tongue and discuss the important aspects of its management. A 67-year-old woman with no history of neurofi bromatosis type 1 (NF-1) presented with a solitary mucosal neurofi broma of the tongue with pathological features overlapping those of subgemmal nerve plexus hyperplasia. In total four cases of isolated oral neurofi broma were identifi ed in the literature. Differentiating neurofi bromas from other neural lesions can be diffi cult, and the natural history of these lesions are unknown but likely benign. Management should trend towards excision and watchful waiting.
Internal ID Number: 00676
Health Subject: NEUROFIBROMA
Type: Conference
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