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Title: Diet-related disease prevention in a rural Australian setting: Understanding barriers, enablers, and the role of rural health services in supporting changes in local rural food environments.
Author: Wheaton, N.
Alston, E.
Versace, Vincent
Field, M.
Wong Shee, Anna
Jacobs, J.
Backholer, K.
Allender, S.
Nichols, M.
Needham, C.
Bolton, K.
Blake, M.
Stewart, F.
Close, E.
Alston, L.
Issue Date: 2023
Publication Title: Nutrients
Volume: 15
Issue: 23
Start Page: 4979
Abstract: Bold and comprehensive action is needed to prevent diet-related diseases in rural areas, which includes improving food environments to enable healthier dietary practices. Rural health services are integral to the health of rural populations, yet their role in community disease prevention is not swell understood. This study sought to understand health service, local government, and food outlet stakeholders’ perspectives on (1) the drivers of unhealthy retail environments in a rural setting; (2) the role of rural health services in supporting changes in local food environments; and to (3) identify characteristics of potential interventions. Two Group Model Building workshops were held with health service and local government leaders (n = 9), and interviews were conducted with local food outlet participants (n = 13). Key themes included ‘enablers to healthier food environments’, ‘barriers to healthier food environments’, ‘Rural health services are a leading broker of knowledge for healthy food environments’, and ‘characteristics of desirable healthy food environment interventions.’. Rural health services can play a key role in addressing the current barriers to healthy food environments in rural areas. Effective promotion of healthier diets in rural populations will require consideration of key stakeholder perspectives and the development of further evidence on the role that rural health services can play in improving the healthiness of food environments.
Internal ID Number: 02389
Health Subject: RURAL HEALTH
Type: Journal Article
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