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Title: Thoracoscopy: a useful diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.
Authors: Merriman, T.E.
Corbet, J.D.
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Wiley
Place of publication: Australia
Publication Title: The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery
Volume: 63
Issue: 6
Start Page: 454
End Page: 458
Abstract: This study was performed to review the place of thoracoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of intrathoracic disorders. A combined retrospective and prospective review was undertaken of the first 50 patients who undenvent diagnostic or therapeutic thoracoscopy in Ballarat. Recurrent pleural effusions (29), pneumothoraces (7), or diffuse or localized lung disease (14) were the main indications. Thoracoscopy was performed in conjunction with pleural or lung biopsy, excision of cysts, or pleurodesis. Patient tolerance of the procedure was excellent with minimal postoperative pain. Operative morbidity rates were very low (< 4%). The low mortality rate was related to underlying disease processes. Hospital stay was short. The long-term results were excellent. Adequate tissue was obtained on biopsy in most cases, cure achieved for pneumothoraces, and permanent palliation after talc pleurodesis for malignant effusions approached 80%.
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ISSN: 0004-8682
Internal ID Number: 00216
Health Subject: THORACOSCOPY
Type: Journal Article
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