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Title: Technology and informatics in Australian health libraries.
Author: Siemensma, Gemma
McDonald, D.
Issue Date: 2023
Publication Title: Health Information and Libraries Journal
Volume: 40
Issue: 2
Start Page: 218
End Page: 222
Abstract: Australia is no different to any other country in that information technology (IT) and the speed of its advancement has a huge impact on health care and therefore on health libraries. Australian health librarians are valuable members of health care teams and strive to integrate services and resources across hospitals. This article looks at the role Australian health libraries play in the broader health information landscape and the importance of information governance and health informatics as a tenet of the work undertaken by libraries. Of particular focus in this is the Health Libraries Australia/Telstra Health Digital Health Innovation Award, offered annually, to help focus on particular technological challenges. Three cases studies are explored demonstrating impact on the systematic review process, inter-library loan system automation and a room booking service. Also discussed are the ongoing professional development opportunities, which help upskill the Australian health library workforce. Australian health libraries also face many challenges with piecemeal IT systems across the nation, resulting in lost opportunities. Also, many Australian health services do not have a qualified librarian on staff, which undermines information governance. However, resiliency shines through with strong professional health library networks working to challenge the status quo in an effort to improve the application of health informatics.
Internal ID Number: 02264
Health Subject: AUSTRALIA
Type: Journal Article
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