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Title: A case for more year-long internships outside metropolitan areas?
Authors: Peach, Hedley G.
Trembath, Maxine
Fensling, Bernie
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Australasian Medical Publishing Company
Place of publication: Sydney
Publication Title: Medical Journal of Australia
Volume: 180
Issue: 3
Start Page: 106
End Page: 108
Abstract: Objective: To determine whether medical graduates who spent their intern year at a non-metropolitan hospital were more likely to practise outside metropolitan areas on completion of training than were interns in metropolitan hospitals. Design: Retrospective follow-up of doctors who held year-long internships at a non-metropolitan hospital and interns from metropolitan hospitals. Setting: Ballarat Base Hospital (BBH) (Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Area [RRMA] rural zone) and hospitals in Melbourne and Geelong (RRMA metropolitan zone). Participants: 57/63 (90%) Victorian medical graduates completing internships at BBH between 1989 and 1997 and 126/126 (100%) sex-matched metropolitan interns, chosen at random. Main outcome measures: Practice location in 2002. Results: More BBH interns were practising as GPs outside metropolitan areas (44%) than metropolitan interns (13%) (difference, 31%; 95% CI, 17%–45%). The proportion of interns in specialist practice outside metropolitan areas was small for both groups — zero and 3%, respectively (difference, − 3%; 95% CI, − 6% to 0). None of the specialist training posts held by interns were outside metropolitan areas. Of BBH interns entering general practice, 41% (95% CI, 24%–58%) did so in the local health region. Conclusions: Regional interns are a good source of non-metropolitan GPs, especially locally. Prospective studies to determine the precise influence of regional internships on eventual practice location, and whether more such posts would lead to more graduates entering non-metropolitan practice, would be worthwhile.
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ISSN: 0025-729X
Internal ID Number: 00107
Health Subject: INTERNSHIP
Type: Journal Article
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