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Title: Weigh to go with liquid drugs of dependence.
Author: Scullion, Nicole
Kong, David C. M.
Fitzpatrick, Aaron
Issue Date: 2022
Conference Name: Western Alliance Seventh Annual Symposium 2022: Reconnecting through rural and regional research
Conference Date: November 21-22
Conference Place: Dunkeld, Vic.
Abstract: Background/aim: Ballarat Health Services (BHS) reports any losses of Drug of Dependence (DD) liquids of greater than 4% to the police and department of health. DD’s at BHS are recorded in a paper DD register, and signed by 2 nurses. It was noted that several reports per month of DD liquids losses that were close to the 4% (11 reports from Jan 21- Jun 21 in the trailed areas) were being received. This was probably due to difficulties with accurately measuring the remaining liquid and losses when measuring. Liquid DD’s were only being measured at the end of each bottle, making it difficult to account for incidental losses or missed recordings. Population/setting: A major regional hospital covering subacute, acute and residential care services. Methods: A number of wards/areas were selected to trial weighing bottle of liquid DDs at each transaction. Measuring scales were purchased and given to wards involved. Agreed process was implemented by wards involved viz. wards to weight bottle of liquid DD’s at each transaction and to record these into the DD administration book. Assumptions made includes 1ml= 1mg by weight. Qualitative (feedback from end users) and quantitative (number of discrepancies observed/reported pre and post implementation) measures were used. Results: Study was trialed on 3 different wards (covering both acute & subacute). There was a decrease in DD liquids losses (2 reports in last 6 months, in comparison to 11 reports from Jan 21- Jun 21). Positive feedback from staff included feeling more confident with accuracy of measuring/accountability and when a spill on the bottle occurred, the process was much easier. Conclusion: Use of scales to weigh liquid DDs appears to reduce incidence of discrepancy of liquid DD’s transactions at a ward level. There was improved staff satisfaction. Translational impact/implications for future practice: Planned roll out of aforementioned initiatives to all areas of the hospital is currently under consideration.
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Type: Conference
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