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Title: Nosocomial infections amongst critically ill COVID-19 patients in Australia.
Author: Ramanan, M.
Burrell, A.
Paul, E.
Trapani, T.
Broadley, T.
McGloughlin, S.
French, C.
Udy, A.
Issue Date: 2021
Publication Title: Journal of Clinical Virology Plus
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Start Page: 100054
Abstract: Purpose: To determine the frequency of nosocomial infections including hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) and bloodstream infection (BSI), amongst critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection in Australian ICUs and to evaluate associations with mortality and length of stay (LOS). Methods: The effect of nosocomial infections on hospital mortality was evaluated using hierarchical logistic regression models to adjust for illness severity and mechanical ventilation. Results: There were 490 patients admitted to 55 ICUs during the study period. Adjusted odds ratio (OR) for hospital mortality was 1.61 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.61-4.27, p = 0.3) when considering BSI, and 1.76 (95% CI 0.73-4.21, p = 0.2) for HAP. The average adjusted ICU LOS was significantly longer for patients with BSI (geometric mean 9.0 days vs 6.3 days, p = 0.04) and HAP (geometric mean 13.9 days vs 6.0 days p<0.001). Conclusion: Nosocomial infection rates amongst patients with COVID-19 were low and their development was associated with a significantly longer ICU LOS.
Description: Includes data from BHS
ISSN: Bloodstream infections; COVID-19; Critical care; Healthcare-associated pneumonia; Nosocomial infections.
Internal ID Number: 01876
Health Subject: COVID-19
Type: Journal Article
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