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Title: Preparation for hospital accreditation: an efficient and practical approach.
Author: O'Connor, P. T.
Wolff, Alan
Issue Date: 1993
Publication Title: Australian Clinical Review
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Start Page: 157
End Page: 163
Abstract: Hospital accreditation has been criticized for its emphasis on structure and documentation. Less attention is given to the clinical process and outcomes of care. How can the accreditation process become a meaningful part of day-to-day hospital management? Four approaches are discussed. (1) The development of industrial type quality assurance programmes that detect negative patient outcomes and improve patient care. (2) The appointment of a Quality Assurance/Accreditation Coordinator with appropriate authority. (3) The establishment of an effective Quality Assurance/Accreditation Committee. (4) The continuous review of accreditation standards through normal committee function and department review, and trial surveys. Such strategies will enable hospital accreditation to develop beyond a paper exercise and to provide the foundation for excellence in health care delivery.
Description: Wimmera Base Hospital, Horsham
Internal ID Number: 01834
Type: Journal Article
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