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Title: Competencies, education, and accreditation of the health information workforce.
Author: Ritchie, A.
Siemensma, Gemma
Fenton, S.
Butler-Henderson, K.
Editors: Butler-Henderson, Kerryn
Day, Karen
Gray, Kathleen
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer
Publication Title: The Health Information Workforce.
Pages: 79-95
Abstract: Abstract This chapter looks at the identity of the HIDDIN (Health Informatics, Digital, Data, Information, kNowledge) workforce from the perspective of the competencies that are needed to do these jobs, and the accreditation of formal education and training programmes that confer recognised qualifications for these jobs. We examine definitions and a selection of research articles about how each of the groups has developed and differentiated themselves from others. We also compare the competency sets from a sample of professional associations and industry bodies, noting each group’s unique areas of responsibility and overlaps; it appears that information governance is a responsibility common to all groups. Alternative education and training pathways for initial entry and ongoing professional development for the HIDDIN occupations, such as employer-driven on-thejob training and modular certification and micro-credentialing approaches, are emerging as more agile responses to the immediate needs of the workplace, and are challenging traditional post-secondary education structures. This has implica-
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Health Subject: COMPETENCIES
Type: Book Chapter
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