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Title: Health-related quality of life among Victorians undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention during COVID-19.
Author: Dawson, L.
Dinh, D.
Stub, D.
Ahern, S.
Bloom, J.
Duffy, S.
Lefkovits, J.
Brennan, A.
Reid, C.
Oqueli, Ernesto
Issue Date: 2021
Conference Name: 69th CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Heart Research ANZET 21
Conference Date: August 4-7
Conference Place: Online
Abstract: Introduction: During the COVID-19 pandemic, public health measures were implemented to control disease outbreaks, especially in Victoria, Australia. The impact of these measures on health-related quality of life (HR-QOL) following percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) has not been studied. Methods: We included consecutive patients undergoing PCI in the state-wide Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry with available HR-QOL data between 30/1/20 and 30/9/20 (COVID-19 period), with a comparative group from the identical period one year prior (control period). HR-QOL assessment was performed via telephone follow-up 30-days following PCI using the 3-level EQ-5D questionnaire and Australian-specific index values. Results: We included 7,141 patients from the COVID-19 period, and 7,240 patients from the control period. Baseline characteristics were similar between groups, but during the COVID-19 period, indication for PCI was more commonly for ACS. EQ-5D visual analogue score (VAS), index score, and individual components were higher at 30-days following PCI during the COVID-19 period (all p<0.01). In multivariable analysis, stage of restrictions, daily new case counts, home-confinement duration, curfew restrictions, and compulsory mask mandates were not associated with EQ-5D VAS scores. In subgroup analysis, patients with STEMI were more likely to have higher EQ-5D VAS scores during COVID-19, while patients undergoing PCI for other reasons had no difference between time periods (pfor interaction<0.05). Conclusions: Measures of HR-QOL following PCI were higher during the COVID-19 outbreaks in Victoria compared to the previous year, especially among patients with STEMI. Public health measures such as home confinement and masks did not appear to affect HR-QOL after PCI.
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Type: Conference
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