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Title: The role of subtle to mild cognitive impairment in weighted risk factor analysis for delirium risk prediction.
Author: Jebramek, Jessica
Skvarc, D.
Yates, Mark
Byrne, L.
Issue Date: 2019
Conference Name: Western Alliance Sixth Annual Symposium.
Conference Date: 24 October
Conference Place: Ballarat, Australia
Abstract: Aim: The aim of our study is to investigate delirium risk in elderly (>65 years of age) elective orthopaedic surgery patients, focusing particularly on subtle to very mild cognitive decline, in combination with other established risk factors for postoperative delirium. Methods: Patient cognitive screens will be accessed retrospectively and re-scored to assess for subtle- to mild cognitive impairment. Additionally, patient data on previously established risk factors will be collected. Knowing delirium as a formal diagnosis is poorly documented in hospital records, we will collect data with regards to delirium symptoms to determine the population who developed postoperative delirium (diagnosed and undiagnosed). Data collected will be utilised in the development of an algorithm for pre-operative prediction of postoperative delirium in hospital. Results: none as yet. Conclusion: none as yet.
Internal ID Number: 01408
Health Subject: DELIRIUM
Type: Conference
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