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dc.contributorDimond, Reneeen_US
dc.description.abstractBackground: Parents and carers often administer liquid medication to children. Dose errors due to inaccurate measurements can cause harm. Aim: To determine if counselling from a clinical pharmacist and provision of an enteral syringe marked at the required dose improves parent/carer ability to measure liquid medications accurately. Method: A prospective pre-post study was conducted within the Paediatric Unit of a regional hospital. A convenience sample of parents/carers was enrolled to participate. Participants were asked to measure two volumes using an enteral syringe. The first measurement occurred without guidance. The second measurement occurred following pharmacist counselling. Each measurement was evaluated for accuracy. Results: Twenty-five participants were recruited. Following counselling, 68% (n=17) measured the correct volume, compared to 36% (n=9) pre-intervention. Participants reported improved confidence when measuring liquid medications after counselling. Conclusion: Counselling by a pharmacist, including the provision of an oral syringe marked at the required dose, improves parent/carer ability to accurately measure liquid medication.en_US
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dc.titleGive Xml by measure: does counselling and measuring device provision improve a carer's ability to measure liquid medications accurately?en_US
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titlePharmacy Growth, Research, Innovation and Training (Pharmacy GRIT)en_US
dc.subject.healththesaurusADMINISTERING LIQUID MEDICATIONen_US
dc.subject.healththesaurusAPPROPRIATE MEASURING DEVICEen_US
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