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Title: Understanding the acceptability and feasibility of a regional lymphoedema surveillance programme: a pilot study.
Author: Nicholson, Rosemary
Eaton, Susan
Wong Shee, Anna
Issue Date: 2019
Publication Title: Journal of Lymphoedema
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Start Page: 32
End Page: 36
Abstract: Abstract Background: Lymphoedema is a common complication for breast cancer survivors. Early detection and treatment reduces costs and improves outcomes. Aim: To determine the acceptability and feasibility of a lymphoedema surveillance programme (LSP) for breast cancer patients and breast clinic staff in rural and regional areas. Methods: All patients diagnosed with breast cancer were invited to participate. Data collected prior to surgery included patient characteristics, Lymphoedema Index and circumferential measurements. Staff and patients were asked to complete a survey to rate their understanding and experience of the LSP. Results: Most patients — 91% (32/35) — and all staff (9/9) completed the survey. Overall, staff and patients had a very good experience with the LSP. Conclusion: The LSP was successfully implemented, was acceptable and feasible for staff and patients.
Internal ID Number: 01398
Health Subject: BREAST CANCER
Type: Journal Article
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