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Title: Diverticular disease, complications re-visited.
Author: Balta, Showan
Gill, Jespal
Ramsaroop, Reena
Issue Date: 2013
Conference Name: 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology
Conference Date: May 31- June 2
Conference Place: Sydney, Australia
Abstract: Introduction Filiform polyposis of the colon is an uncommon entity occasionally encountered in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, characterised by multiple worm-like mucosal projections consisting of sub-mucosal cores lined by normal mucosa. Case study A 60-year-old man presented with signs and symptoms of large bowel obstruction for 7 days. The patient had a CT scan of the abdomen that showed thickening of the sigmoid wall with suspicion of malignancy. Subsequent colonoscopy showed an exophytictumour extending over 5 cm of the distal sigmoid. The biopsy showed only mucosal ulceration with no evidence of malignancy. The patient then underwent anterior resection of the sigmoid colon. The sigmoid colon was carpeted by numerous finger like projections. On histology this showed mucosal prolapse as a result of extensive diverticular disease. Discussion We discuss the unusual clinical presentation and gross findings of colonic polyposis related to diverticular disease. Only three similar cases have been reported in the English literature since 2010.
Internal ID Number: 01322
Health Subject: POLYPOSIS
Type: Conference
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