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Title: Are volunteer simulated patients a sustainable resource for patient simulation in a medical curriculum?
Author: Garner, Sue
Panozzo, Lisa
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Ballarat Health Services 2018 Annual Research Symposium: research partnerships for population, people and patients; celebrating our research partnerships with the community in the Grampians region
Conference Date: November 29th
Conference Place: Ballarat
Abstract: Background The Ballarat Clinical School (BCS) is affiliated with Ballarat Health Services (BHS) to provide education for medical students. BHS enlists volunteers from the community to support patient care. The BCS has accessed this pool of volunteers to create a sustainable source of Volunteer Simulated Patients (VSPs) to enhance the simulation component of the curricula. A literature review confirms the benefits of incorporating simulated patients in clinical education. These benefits include a higher degree of fidelity, and enhancing non-technical skill acquisition such as communication skills. Objectives/Aims To evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of a program that incorporates hospital volunteers into clinical skills sessions. Method This presentation will focus on the planning, implementation and interim evaluation findings of the VSP program. We will outline the challenges and benefits experienced in each phase of program development and lessons learned to support future sustainable, collaborative programs. As a part of our evaluation, written feedback was collected from VSPs and students. Results We reviewed 50 student responses surveying their experiences of VSP involvement in the clinical skills and simulation sessions over a 6 month period Common themes that emerged included • Enhanced Communication • Real time feedback • More realistic We gathered VSP responses surveying their experiences Very nervous but really enjoyed experience. • Student feedback • Confronting roles • Quality Assurance to our scripts.
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Type: Conference
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