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Title: Design and roll out of an automated on-call query database.
Author: Livori, Adam
Georgiou, Damian
Dimond, Renee
Fitzpatrick, Aaron
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Ballarat Health Services 2018 Annual Research Symposium: research partnerships for population, people and patients; celebrating our research partnerships with the community in the Grampians region
Conference Date: November 29th
Conference Place: Ballarat
Abstract: Background On-call pharmacy services receive a wide range of requests and queries ranging from medication supply, specialised medicines access as well as clinical queries/questions. Due to the multiple sources of queries and the clinical practice guidelines required, it can be difficult to track trends in requests and deliver a consistent service. The development of a platform to record these requests enables the analysis of trend data to guide and prioritise practice guideline development and act as an information resource for pharmacists. Objectives/Aims Develop a system utilising existing Ballarat Health Service (BHS) technology that will enable data entry and review for on-call queries. Method An initial platform was created using an online databasing tool; Ragic. This tool was presented to the Information Technology team to workshop how it could be used within the BHS network to ensure data safety and adherence to privacy regulations. Due to the database primarily being used during on-call periods, access was required outside the hospital. In order to cater to this, a SharePoint Database tool was built to provide the ability to be accessed outside the hospital via the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) login system. Results Following the design of the On-call Database Tool in SharePoint, the tool was alpha tested during several on-call periods to begin data entry. The system was able to be used during a call request, and an automated email notification was also created. This is used to notify procurement for medication ordering purposes as well as the relevant clinical team member for review. In addition, the data captured can provide information on the trends of on-call requests, as well as the specific medicines requested, to improve safety guidelines and streamline access where necessary. Implications/Outcomes for Planned Research Project The system has now gone through preliminary testing and will be used in a beta testing phase for the next three months. This trial period will be used to see how the database can assist pharmacists in managing on-call queries, reduce manual handling of purchasing requests and provide departmental management with information regarding trends seen in on-call requests in real time. Final Thoughts The use of existing BHS systems such as SharePoint can increase efficiency and usability of current systems so clinicians can focus more time on patient care and medication safety.
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Type: Conference
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