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Title: Using patient experience to inform and validate service improvement.
Author: Davidson, Kerry
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Ballarat Health Services 2018 Annual Research Symposium: research partnerships for population, people and patients; celebrating our research partnerships with the community in the Grampians region
Conference Date: November 29th
Conference Place: Ballarat
Abstract: Background The Grampians Integrated Cancer Service (GICS) have led the regional implementation of the nationally endorsed Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs) for Prostate and Lung Cancer. Understanding patients' experience of care has formed a fundamental aspect in identifying quality improvement activity in the implementation of the OCP's. Objectives/Aims • To seek and record the care experiences of patients with Prostate or Lung cancer diagnosed and receiving treatment in the Grampians Region. • To utilise the Prostate and Lung OCP's as a framework for assessing strengths and gaps in patient care. • To apply an understanding of the patient experience in service design and quality improvement activity. Method Patients diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer via the BHS were invited to take part in a semi structured interview with interviews offered in person or by phone. Results Prostate cancer patient interviews (19) were used to inform the design of quality improvement activity. Lung cancer patient interviews (10) conducted post implementation of the BHS Rapid Access Lung Clinic assessed success and identified areas for further activity. The patient's perspective was a powerful influence in engaging clinicians and administrators in the service improvement process. Implications/Outcomes for Planned Research Project The information provided through patient experience interviews has been effective in in the development and evaluation of service and improvement projects Final Thoughts This project highlights the value of the patient experience in service redesign from two perspectives: initially to inform the intervention and then in an evaluative capacity.
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