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Title: Relevance of endotoxin detection in sepsis.
Authors: Hurley, James C.
Levin, J.
Editors: Brade, Helmut
Opal, Stephen
Vogel, Stefanie
Morrison, David
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Title: Endotoxin in health and disease.
Start Page: 841
End Page: 854
Abstract: Offering a basis for further research into the interactions of hosts and pathogens, this work gathers up-to-date findings, and details basic structures, functions and immunology. It provides descriptions of a variety of experimental endotoxin neutralizing agents, as well as a guide to clinical research initiatives and the latest treatments.
ISBN: 978-0824719449
Internal ID Number: 00001
Health Subject: ENDOTOXIN
Type: Book Chapter
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