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Title: Protecting the public: using simulation for regulatory assessment.
Author: Thorpe, Sue
Beardmore, Denielle
Childs, Emma
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Nurse Education Today – NET2018
Conference Date: September 4-6
Conference Place: Cambridge, UK
Abstract: Key findings • Simulation can be used as an effective performance assessment method for regulation purposes, but requires effective communication and collaboration between partners – regulatory body, nursing assessors, simulation facility staff and the practitioner • New nursing assessors benefit from education in regulatory processes, writing regulatory reports and development of assessment tools in preparing them for the role • Confidence is increased in new nursing assessors who initial conduct assessments in partnership with an experienced assessor who possessed knowledge of the performance assessment process for regulation • The satisfaction of nurses who underwent performance assessment following a notification was directly related to the outcome of assessment
Internal ID Number: 01211
Health Subject: SIMULATION
Type: Conference
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