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Title: Preventing elder abuse by providing safe & quality aged care for senior Australians (Supporting aged care nursing staff to manage behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: iSeeBehaviour).
Author: Clinnick, Lisa
Klein, Britt
Stranieri, Andrew
Dazeley, Richard
McLaren, Suzanne
Balasubramanian, Venki
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: 2nd Annual Palliative, Aged & Dementia Care Forum: Delivering comppassionate and sustainable care for the ageing.
Conference Date: July 3-5
Conference Place: Melbourne
Abstract: • Managing challenging behaviours that are exhibited by aged care facility residents involves complex decision making process that should reflect a person centred approach to care • Decisions regarding the most appropriate behaviour management intervention requires individual knowledge of the resident and knowledge of a number of strategies, as no two residents are identical • This presentation will introduce a new mobile application called iSeeB which assists care staff during the behavioural assessment and intervention implementation and provides the decision support capable of individualising recommendations and feedback
Internal ID Number: 01058
Health Subject: AGED CARE
Type: Conference
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