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Title: Supporting early career allied health clinicians in rural Australia.
Author: Harvie, Lisa
Newnham, Karen
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Barwon South Western and Grampians Allied Health Conference 2018: Engage, Create, Connect: Allied health working together
Conference Date: May 31
Conference Place: Warrnambool, Australia
Abstract: Introduction Early career marks the transition from student to professional and coincides with a number of challenges such as often relocation away from home and support systems, development of sense of self, confidence, and professional identity. This period of transition can leave health care workers vulnerable to anxiety, depression, isolation, burnout, and less able to provide quality patient care. Objective The program aimed to provide clinicians with professional development, patient centred skills practice and networking opportunities in a safe, creative and engaging way. Additionally, it aimed to enhance work satisfaction, reduce burnout and increase staff retention in rural settings. Method Sessions (10 X 2 hour), across nine months, covered content such as: supervision, career development and identity, resilience and sources of support, building skills in motivational interviewing, time management, self-care, and resolving conflict. Each session was evaluated with quantitative and qualitative feedback including pre and post knowledge of the subject, and how well session learning objectives were met. Results Participants strongly endorsed the program content, particularly skills for working with challenging clients, resolving conflict, and motivational interviewing. Throughout the program, 100% of participants reported an increase in skills after each session. Overall, participants enjoyed the ‘hands on’ activities and opportunities to connect with other early career clinicians. Conclusion This program was successful in meeting its objective and may be helpful for ongoing support to Allied Health professionals in other regional rural settings. (Cohen, & Gagin, 2005; Harris, Cumming & ,Campbell, 2006; Schoo, Stagnitti, Mercer
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Type: Conference
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