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Title: An agile group aware process beyond CRISP-DM: a hospital data mining case study.
Author: Sharma, Vishakha
Stranieri, Andrew
Ugon, Julien
Vamplew, Peter
Martin, Laura
Issue Date: 2017
Conference Name: 2017 International Conference on Computer and Data Analysis (ICCDA)
Conference Date: May 19-23, 2017
Conference Place: Florida, USA
Abstract: The CRISP-DM methodology is commonly used in data analytics exercises within an organisation to provide system and structure to data mining processes. However, in providing a rigorous framework, CRISP-DM overlooks two facets of data analytics in organisational contexts; data mining exercises are far more agile and subject to change than presumed in CRISP-DM and central decisions regarding the interpretation of patterns discovered and the direction of analytics exercises are typically not made by individuals but by committees or groups within an organisation. The current study provides a case study of data mining in a hospital setting and suggests how the agile nature of an analytics exercise and the group reasoning inherent in key decisions can be accommodated within a CRISP-DM methodology.
Internal ID Number: 00972
Health Subject: CASE STUDY
Type: Conference
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