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Title: Power to the people: transperineal grid biopsy.
Author: Corbett, Gay
Issue Date: 2016
Conference Name: 17th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 2016
Conference Date: 31st August - 3rd September 2016
Conference Place: Melbourne, Australia
Abstract: Objective: The purchase of a Transperineal Grid Biopsy machine for public prostate patients at Ballarat Health Services.Methods: Appealed to the public regarding the value of biopsies performed via the perineal route focusing on antibiotic stewardship, reduced infection rates post procedure, reduced pain, more prostate biopsy cores and no cost to public patients. Utilised forums within the community provided by the Grampians Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse such as the Prostate Support Groups in Ballarat and Ararat, regional Probus groups, Rotary clubs, and the media. Results: After 18 months of public awareness, negotiating with Ballarat Health Service, the Ballarat Community, Ballarat Urology and the Male Bag Foundation a Transperineal Grid Biopsy machine was purchased for Ballarat Health Services. Conclusions: With increasing competition for the health dollar the services available to men with prostate cancer in regional areas can be affected. By engaging the public and giving them an opportunity to contribute to the community they currently live in they were able to experience the positive impact of their charity towards men’s health with prostate cancer within their region. Since the purchase of the machine in February there have been two Transrectal biopsies performed at Ballarat Health Services and the rest of the prostate biopsies have been via the transperineal route. By engaging the Grampians public to assist in the purchase of the gold standard of diagnosis it has changed the prostate landscape for men within the region.
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Health Subject: CANCER
Type: Conference
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