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dc.contributor.authorCarter, Janine*
dc.description.abstractDue to an increasing interest in coding workload in regional Victoria, Medical Record Administrators and Coders from four non-metropolitan regions undertook a coding workload analysis project in October, 1994. The participating regions were Barwon-South Western, Grampians, Loddon-Mallee and Hume regions. The objectives of the project were to obtain a profile of the coding workload of the four regions; to determine the number of records coded per hour and the average time taken per episode; to determine the percentage of time MRAs/Coding Clerks spend on coding-related tasks; and to determine the type of peripheral duties performed in association with coding.en
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dc.titleA profile of regional coding workload.en
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titleHealth Information Management (HIMAA)en
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