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Title: Stigma Busters Books: a collaboration between a consumer and a clinician.
Other Titles: Stigmabusters - a successful consumer-clinician collaboration producing conversation starters for young children in families with mental illness.
Authors: Hailes, Julia
Smith, Alison
Issue Date: 2016
Conference Name: TheMHS Conference 2016: People. Authenticity starts from the heart.
Conference Date: August 23-26, 2016
Conference Place: Auckland, New Zealand
Abstract: This is a presentation on the successful consumer-clinician collaboration in the development of Stigmabuster booklets at Ballarat Mental Health Services. When hospitalised with Bipolar Disorder in an adult acute unit I had the urge to create a book to explain aspects of my illness and the importance of unconditional love to my grandson. I created a simple picture book because I believed that children are less likely to develop stigma and discrimination if they are given simple honest information at an early age. Research shows a lack of appropriate materials. In collaboration with Dr Julia Hailes, Manager Education & Research I have created a series of Stigmabuster booklets to explain different types of mental illness and strategies to achieve wellbeing in language and with delightful colourful drawings that very young children can understand and find entertaining. The central character is a 5 year old who tells stories about children, parents and grandparents with various illnesses and different treatment therapies. The booklets aim to engender compassion, hope and understanding and can also be conversation starters for adults. Demonstrates the process of a successful consumer-clinician collaboration in producing Stigmabuster booklets. This shows the innovation that can come to a Mental Health Service through working with a consumer's ideas and creative artwork to reduce stigma and provide a catalyst for conversation about mental illness
Internal ID Number: 00949
Health Subject: ANXIETY
Type: Conference
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