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Title: Modeling health service research innovation strategy with divergent and convergent creativity and critical thinking methods.
Other Titles: Promoting a creative BHS research culture for both: 'I'nnovation & 'i'nnovation.
Authors: Shea, Susan Joy
Clingin, Diane
Issue Date: 2016
Conference Name: Western Alliance Third Annual Symposium: Systems thinking and innovation in health care
Conference Date: September 8-9, 2016
Conference Place: Warnambool, Victoria
Abstract: BHS research strategic planning for 2016 and beyond has utilised creative and critical thinking methods to promote an innovative research culture. The terms of creativity and innovation are explored through divergent and convergent creative critical thinking modelling. Methods: The focus is the idea that a research innovation incubator in a hospital based health care setting could lead to implementation of improvements so that healthcare ‘feels better for everyone. Several critical thinking tools, specifically Brain Storming, Six Thinking Hats, Mind Mapping and Con-cept development through modeling were utilized to filter key words for literature searches and select methodologies. The roles of leadership, individual’s personalities, organizational systems and outcomes of research are utilized in the context of promoting creativity and successful implementation of ideas and problem solving. Results: The key success factors in this innovative research incubator were seen as talent identification and development opportunities for the enthusiastic researchers that benefit from the human networking but also the building and funding of joint support infrastructure. Where this incubator model is ‘creative and innovative’ and a potential strategy is not in the design and implementation of a focus on a specific health issue research centre, but instead a central hub where generation of ideas for healthcare’s many opportunities for propagation of researcher’s creativity and innovation experience, training and development in health related research methods and designs. Conclusion: Successful innovation both big and small ‘I’ in innovation healthcare research pivots on research leadership. Therefore investment in creative clinicians and researchers to generate ideas and strategic leaders to support innovation that captures these ideas and turns them into practical solutions is why both are critical for successful implementation that will benefit the patient, staff and community.
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Health Subject: CREATIVITY
Type: Conference
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