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dc.contributor.authorHyslop, Anthea*
dc.description.abstractThis paper is published in Occasional Papers on Medical History Australia. Reflections on Medical History and Health in Australia from the Third National Conference on Medical History and Health in Australia and available in the Ballarat Health Services Library, Historical collection 610.0994 OCC 1986.en
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dc.publisherMedical History Society (Vic), University of Melbourne. Medical History unit.en
dc.titleMicrobes and madness: the exclusions policy of Ballarat District Hospital 1856 to 1876.en
dc.bibliographicCitation.titleOccasional Papers on Medical History Australiaen
dc.bibliographicCitation.conferencedateNovember 23-25, 1986en
dc.bibliographicCitation.conferencenameThird National Conference on Medical History and Health in Australia 1986.en
dc.bibliographicCitation.conferenceplaceAdelaide, South Australiaen
dc.publisher.placeParkville, Melbourneen
dc.subject.healththesaurusBALLARAT DISTRICT HOSPITALen
dc.subject.healththesaurusHOSPITAL HISTORYen
dc.subject.healththesaurusINFECTION, HISTORYen
dc.subject.healththesaurusMENTAL DISORDERS, HISTORYen
dc.subject.healththesaurusPATIENT ADMISSIONen
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