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Title: People with dementia and their carers design a bedside cognitive impairment identifier.
Authors: Yates, Mark
McIntyre, Ian
Theobald, Meredith
Issue Date: 2004
Conference Name: 9th International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
Conference Date: July 2004
Conference Place: Philadelphia
Abstract: P2-310 Background: Delirium, dementia and other causes of cognitive impairment(CI) are increasingly common in the hospital setting. While bedside identifiers for hearing and visual impairment are an accepted aid in the identification of these impairments that do not carry obvious physical stigmata, the same is not true of CI. The use of a Cognitive Impairment Identifier (CII) may be limited by its acceptance to people with CI and their carers. As part of a larger study of the impact of a CII on improving care delivery and hospital processes in cognitive impairment a CII was developed by people with dementia and their families/carers.
Internal ID Number: 00066
Health Subject: DEMENTIA
Type: Conference
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