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Title: Introduction of drum therapy in a mental health Secure Extended Care Unit (SECU).
Authors: Achterbosch, Breanna
Nulty, Lawrence
Wendy, Hocking
Deborah Greenslade
Issue Date: 2015
Conference Name: Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Inc. 41st International Mental Health Nursing Conferenc: Mental health nurses shifting culture, leading change
Conference Date: October 7-9, 2015
Conference Place: Brisbane, Queensland
Abstract: Demonstrated benefits of music therapy include enhanced wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem, social and coping skills, and reduction in stress and anxiety. Drum therapy is a form of music therapy that is appropriate for adults and requires no previous skill. The potential for participation, regardless of experience or ability, makes it an accessible form of therapy. The aim of this study was to monitor the implementation of a pilot drum therapy program in a 12-bed SECU for people with complex psychiatric needs. Drum therapy was introduced within the existing therapy program as an innovative approach to psychosocial treatment. Cajun drums were selected for the pilot following consideration of user friendliness and safety features. Knowledge gained through the implementation process will be discussed including overcoming barriers to engaging clients and getting staff on board. Weekly group sessions were scheduled, and individual use offered regularly. Staff completed questionnaires regarding attendance, length of participation, noted changes in affect, and comments made by clients regarding drumming. Interviews with participants were conducted at the end of the 12-week trial period. Socialization between clients and staff was noted to be a major positive effect during drumming sessions, alongside increased concentration and reported enjoyment. Staff attitudes were overall positive with varying levels of inclusion of drum therapy in their nursing treatment, and another option for engaging clients with complex psychiatric needs who can be difficult to engage with was welcomed. Cajun drumming has been found to be a beneficial intervention implemented with minimal cost and training. It is an activity that staff and participants felt comfortable engaging in together and is a psychosocial intervention that nurses can easily adopt into their practice as another method of engaging clients therapeutically.
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Type: Conference
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