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Title: Ballarat Health Services improves woundcare outcomes.
Authors: Antonio, Terri
Crowe, Marianne
Issue Date: 2012
Conference Name: Australian Wound Management Association Conference 2012
Conference Date: March 18-21, 2012
Conference Place: Sydney, New South Wales
Abstract: Objectives: Ballarat Health Services (BHS) in partnership with Nursing Practice Solutions Inc. and Smith & Nephew embarked upon the implementation of a proactive Wound Care Improvement Program. The program utilises a proven methodology, first introduced in Toronto Ontario, focusing on the delivery of best practice wound care across the organisation. Using an initial benchmark assessment of the organisation’s needs, BHS used appropriate interventions creating and sustaining best practice wound care for all patients. Results: A competency-based education curriculum was created and delivered across the organisation. This together with a focused attention on advanced products, policies and procedures as well as a concentration on the application of consistent preventative measures has resulted in extraordinary achievements. A reduction in the number of daily dressing changes from 1364 down to 77 dressings a week, an 11% to 6% change in organisational pressure ulcer point prevalence and an improvement in the products used in the prevention and treatment of wounds are all documented accomplishments. Annual savings in estimated costs to treat Pressure Ulcers* of $2,655,469 and estimated gained Bed Days of 3,709 have also been identified as real opportunities of the program. Subsequent audits have highlighted: increased staff knowledge and competency, the successful implementation of efficient work processes, capacity and accountability building. Conclusion: The development and implementation of documentation protocols and tools for patients with and without wounds and creating a culture of professional development and leadership has guaranteed the patients of BHS improved patient safety with an overall decrease in the risk of developing pressure ulcers. *Graves, N, Birrell, FA & Whitby M, ‘Modelling the economic losses from pressure ulcers among hospitalized patients in Australia’. Wound Rep Reg, 2005;13: pp462–467.
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Type: Conference
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