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dc.contributor.authorAntonio, Terrien
dc.contributor.authorHurd, Theresaen
dc.description.abstractInternational Excellence in Wound Care: Australian and Canadian Hospital’s Journey. Health care on an international level faces the challenges of managing care for a patient populations that are diverse, ageing and presenting increasingly complex, chronic medical conditions. At the same time health-care organizations must deliver service with limited resources. In many cases, they face severe funding constraints and cutbacks. This article presents an examination of two health care organizations across the span of the globe that have been able to demonstrate significant, measurable improvements in quality of care and clinical outcomes while reducing cost. The strategy adopted by both organizations is based on improving the quality of care, and implementing evidence-based, best practice clinical processes consistently throughout both organizations. Ballarat Health Services (BHS) based in Ballarat Victoria Australia and North York General Hospital (NYGH), based in North York Ontario Canada in alliance with Nursing Practice Solutions Inc. and Smith & Nephew have each embarked on the implementation of a proactive Skin and Wound Care Improvement Program. The program across each organization utilizes identical methodologies in the delivery of best practice clinical based prevention, treatment and management of all wounds across each health care sector. Concurrently, these two organizations have had proven measurable accomplishments across each organization in the areas of patient safety, pressure ulcer prevention and a focused approach to wound management using advanced products. Focused attention on skin integrity, wound prevention and management using advanced products and clinically based practice is one of the most cost effective measures an organization can employ in the improvement of patient safety and quality of life across the organization. Using an initial benchmark assessment of each organization’s needs and obstacles to the delivery of best practice wound care, each organization used corresponding interventions creating and sustaining resources warranting consistent best practice wound care for patients with and without wounds. A competency-based educational curriculum was created and delivered to clinicians and personnel across each organization, focused attention on advanced products, policies and procedures as well as a concentration on the application of consistent preventative measures has created extraordinary achievements across each organization. An increase in pressure ulcer prevention, a decrease in the prevalence of pressure ulcers, and an improvement in the products used in the prevention and treatment of wounds are all documented accomplishments. Subsequent audits across both BHS and NYGH have publicized uniform successes across all facades of each organization. These successes extend beyond patient care increasing staff knowledge and competency, efficient processes, building capacity and accountability, enhancing policy and procedures as well as documentation and protocols for patients with and without wounds, creating a culture of professional development and leadership and guaranteeing the patients’ of each organization improved patient safety with a overall decrease in the risk of developing a pressure ulcer or a wound infection. The successes across each organization are many and have been celebrated throughout each organization’s home country and the International Wound Care Community. This article presents the examination of both hospitals.en
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dc.titlePrograms in healthcare organizations in Canada and Australia.en
dc.bibliographicCitation.conferencedateSeptember 2-6, 2012en
dc.bibliographicCitation.conferencename4th Congress of WUWHS (World Union of Wound Healing Societies)en
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