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Title: Professional development.
Authors: Van Dreven, Amber
Williams, Brett
Editors: Curtis, Kate
Ramsden, Clair
Lord, Bill
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Mosby Elsevier
Place of publication: Sydney
Publication Title: Emergency and trauma care for nurses and paramedics.
Start Page: 93
End Page: 108
Abstract: Professional development is a nebulous and somewhat misunderstood concept that pertains to the professional growth of individual healthcare clinicians. While there is some overlap with what determines competence, competencies, attributes and capabilities professional development encompasses more than that which is mandated by institutions and regulating bodies. This chapter aims to outline the responsibilities of individuals and organisations in promoting professional development and examines the impact such development can have on individual practitioners, healthcare organisations and, most importantly, the healthcare outcomes of our patients. This chapter also examines both the formal and informal avenues nursing and paramedic practitioners can pursue to professionally grow. A guide to outlining the essential elements required to conduct a successful education session is not included; rather a brief overview of useful educational theories and strategies is given. A short exploration into the barriers that prevent access to professional development programs and the challenges facing the nursing and paramedic disciplines is also included.
ISBN: 9780729539821
Internal ID Number: 00325
DDC Subject: 616.025 CUR 2011
Type: Book Chapter
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