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Title: Grampians Health Covid-19 interdisciplinary training for allied health in critical care.
Author: Pang, Michael
Orr, Ellie
Halliburton, Nick
Ainslie, Emily
Griffiths, Ali
Issue Date: 2023
Conference Name: Western Alliance 2023 Symposium.
Conference Date: November 21-22
Conference Place: Warrnambool, Victoria
Abstract: Background/aim: Develop a sustainable education framework to improve capacities in managing acutely unwell and critically unwell COVID-19 across Grampians Health. Developing capacities will improve current skills and expertise to foster collaboration, communication as well as site-based independence in preparation for management of COVID-19 and critical care surges. Population/setting: Allied health professionals employed under the disciplines of Dietetics, Physiotherapy, and Speech Pathology. Across Grampians Health acute sites of Ballarat Base Hospital, Stawell Regional Hospital & Wimmera Base Hospital. Methods: Evaluation of 8 interprofessional blending learning modules designed to prepare clinicians for managing critical care patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The education packages were evaluated using the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Level 1 (Reaction) was evaluated by module engagement and completion. Level 2 (Knowledge) analysed changes to participant pre/post knowledge quiz scores and self-efficacy questionnaires. Level 3 (Behaviour) was evaluated through workplace observational assessments. Level 4 (Results) consisted of an online survey. Results/findings: In total, 48 modules were completed by 21 individual clinicians. The mean growth in knowledge was 26% on quizzes (SD 12%, Range 11-47%). The mean growth in participant self-efficacy was reported as 32% (SD 13%, Range 12-46%). Enhanced preparedness was perceived by staff to work in critical care (somewhat agree 55.47%, strongly agree 17.03%) and acute care (somewhat agree 55.72%, strongly agree 19.46%). Conclusion: The education modules appeared effective in knowledge acquisition, clinician self-efficacy and clinician preparedness for management of patients with critical care needs. This project demonstrated feasibility in internal development of technology enhanced learning opportunities by allied health staff across the geographical diversity of the Grampians Health organisation. Translational impact/implications for future practice: Demonstrated value of internally developed and delivered workplace learning relevant to context. Capabilities of Allied Health staff to develop online learning modules.
Internal ID Number: 02344
Health Subject: ALLIED HEALTH
Type: Conference
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