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Title: Improving patient experience and workflow by reducing treatment delays caused by suboptimal bladder preparation for pelvic radiotherapy.
Author: Warnakulasooriya, Thilini
Braybrook, M.
Issue Date: 2022
Conference Name: Western Alliance Seventh Annual Symposium 2022: Reconnecting through rural and regional research
Conference Date: November 21-22
Conference Place: Dunkeld, Vic.
Abstract: Background/aim: Pelvic Radiotherapy patients are required to undergo bladder preparation before their daily treatment. On planning day, the patient will be given 2-3 glasses of water to drink, and the time taken to adequately fill the bladder is recorded. Once RT commences, patients are instructed to repeat the same bladder preparation process. If bladder volume is inadequate, the patient is instructed to drink extra water and must wait until the optimal bladder volume is reached. This process can be time consuming and often take up to 2 hours. Patients miss their scheduled appointment and are treated in between other patients’ appointments. Inability to achieve bladder volume can be detrimental to patient well-being and impacts the patient treatment experience. The aim of this project is to improve the bladder preparation process for pelvic RT patients. Ideally the project will enable the patient’s bladder to be optimally filled at their scheduled appointment time. Population/setting: This project only involves patients who have difficulty achieving adequate bladder volume at BAROC. Methods: Identified patients are given bladder preparation appointments prior to the next 4 treatments. The appointments will involve the patient undergoing an ultra-sound scan prior to receiving their treatment. The time of the ultra-sound and bladder volume will be recorded. The time will again be recorded upon the start and completion of RT treatment and will be entered into ARIA (Patient Information Management System). Results: Not completed. Conclusion: Not completed. Translational impact/implications for future practice: Preliminary ultrasound scan will improve patient understanding on bladder preparation and therefore compliance by reducing patient’s anxiety caused by an inability to achieve bladder preparation generating a positive experience.
Internal ID Number: 01984
Health Subject: RADIOTHERAPY
Type: Conference
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