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Title: Managing oesophageal perforation in a rural hospital: the merits of supportive measures and simple surgical interventions.
Author: Meredith, Greta
Maani, Jason
Campbell, Ian
Issue Date: 2012
Publication Title: Australian Journal of Rural Health
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Start Page: 40
End Page: 41
Abstract: Oesophageal perforation is an uncommon but life-threatening condition. Whether spontaneous (Boerhaave's syndrome), iatrogenic, associated with pre-existing oesophageal pathology or foreign body ingestion, the potential complications associated with perforation are severe, and the condition itself is challenging to treat. Managing oesophageal perforation in the rural setting presents additional hurdles, including delayed presentation because of patient's distance from hospital and limited treatment options. We present our experiences with this condition at Wimmera Base Hospital, located 4 hours by road from Melbourne.
Description: Wimmera Health Care Group
Internal ID Number: 01814
Health Subject: RURAL SURGERY
Type: Journal Article
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