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Title: Operative experience of general surgeons in a rural hospital.
Author: Campbell, Nicole
Kitchen, Graham
Campbell, Ian
Issue Date: 2011
Publication Title: ANZ Journal of Surgery
Volume: 81
Issue: 9
Start Page: 601
End Page: 603
Abstract: Background: There is a lack of published data on the range of procedures currently carried out by rural general surgeons. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the diversity of conditions encountered and managed by rural general surgeons, in order to determine the scope of training necessary to adequately equip trainees for rural practice. Methods: An audit of surgical procedures completed by two surgeons over 5 years from June 2004 to June 2009 in a rural Victorian hospital was carried out. Operations were further categorized into specialty groups. Results: A total of 8336 operations were completed over 5 years, by two surgeons servicing a catchment population of 54 000 people. Traditional general surgical procedures accounted for 44.3% with endoscopies accounting for a further 27.4% of cases. The remainder was accounted for by 11.8% orthopaedics, 4.5% urology, 4.4% vascular (including pacemaker insertion), 3.4% ear, nose and throat, 2.7% neurosurgery, 0.88% obstetrics and 0.42% thoracics. There was a need to be able to perform procedures well outside the field of traditional general surgery, including multisystem trauma, vascular emergencies, caesarean sections and post-partum hysterectomy. Conclusion: General surgeons servicing small rural communities are required to carry out a variety of procedures outside the realms of traditional general surgery. Trainees need to acquire a broad skill base, and should be competent managing surgical emergencies across all specialties. A supportive team of medical, nursing and paramedical staff are required for achieving the best outcome for patients.
Description: Wimmera Health Care Group
Internal ID Number: 01815
Health Subject: RURAL SURGERY
Type: Journal Article
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