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Title: Factors which influence attendance at a rural Australian cardiac rehabilitation program.
Author: Schulz, D.
McBurney, H.
Issue Date: 2000
Publication Title: Coronary Health Care
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Start Page: 135
End Page: 141
Abstract: This study investigated factors that are associated with and predict attendance of patients following acute myocardial infarction, at the cardiac rehabilitation program of Wimmera Health Care Group, Horsham, Australia. Previous research suggested age, gender, distance from cardiac rehabilitation and lack of social support were associated with non-attendance at a cardiac rehabilitation program. A survey form was compiled to collect demographic data, cardiac risk factor information and cardiac rehabilitation referral and attendance details. Seventy-nine of 115 patients discharged alive with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction completed and returned the survey form. The results indicated that being older, living further away, living alone and not having access to private transport were significantly associated with cardiac rehabilitation non-attendance. The factors that predicted cardiac rehabilitation attendance in 93.59% of cases were being referred to the program, living an average of 27 km away compared to an average of 47 km, living with a partner and being male.
Description: Includes data from Wimmera Health Care Group
Internal ID Number: 01823
Health Subject: CARDIAC REHAB
Type: Journal Article
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