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Title: Caregivers’ perspectives on the factors impacting access to a regional paediatric speech pathology services: Interviews with caregivers referred to speech pathology.
Author: O'Loughlin, P.
Gild, A.
Poole, M.
Stewart, Michelle
Clapham, Renee
Issue Date: 2021
Conference Name: Local Contexts, Global Practice – Speech Pathology Australia Conference.
Conference Date: May 31-June 2.
Conference Place: Online
Abstract: Background: For many Australian families, accessing and engaging with speech pathology services is a problematic experience due to aspects such as waiting lists, non-availability of service, travel distance and challenges navigating the health system. There is limited research into the barriers that reinforce inequity for caregivers living in regional areas. We present phase two of a larger study examining equity in speech pathology paediatric services, specifically the alignment of services to the needs within the community. Aim(s): The aim of phase two was to explore the factors impacting access to speech pathology paediatric services in a regional setting as reported by caregivers. Method: Caregivers/guardians of children aged four to six years referred to the service in 2019 were randomly selected and invited to participate in a structured phone interview. Caregivers were invited to participate in the study until ten interviews were completed. Caregivers were asked about their family’s experiences accessing and engaging with the service. Result(s): Of the 24 caregivers sent study invitations, ten completed the phone interviews (three accepted invitation then withdrew; six unable to be contacted by phone, five declined to participate). We present caregivers’ perceptions related to awareness and navigation of service, knowledge of early childhood communication, and preferences regarding community paediatric services in the local context. Conclusion: The results will support services to facilitate improved access to paediatric speech pathology services, particularly addressing systematic barriers to access and engagement. This systematic approach to exploring caregiver experiences can be applied to other settings and services.
Internal ID Number: 01850
Health Subject: PAEDIATRICS
Type: Conference
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