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Profile name: Marta Woolford
Honorific (Dr/Prof/etc): Ms
Family name/surname: Woolford
First name: Marta
Qualifications/Post Nominals: Bachelor of Health Science with Honours, PhD Candidate
BHS brief name: Woolford, Marta
Biography: Marta trained and worked in public health for over a decade. Initially working in policy, reporting and program development and then moving into research. In 2016, she commenced PhD studies at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Monash University - examining the facilitators and barriers to applying Dignity of Risk principles into aged care practice. Recently she commenced employment with Ballarat Health Services. Her primary research focus is resident-resident aggression in residential aged care residents. Further to this, she conducts research and teaching posts across various departments within Monash University.
Key research interests: Gerontology research
Quality of life and improving the well being of older persons living both in the community and in aged care services
Prevention of injury and death in older persons
Dignity of Risk
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