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Title: A novel method of determining acetabular component size to guide explant in revision hip arthroplasty.
Author: O Deasmhunaigh, Fiachra
Abetz, Jeremy
English, Shaun
Mitchell, David
Mitra, Biswadev
Issue Date: 2020
Publication Title: Arthroplasty Today
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Start Page: 169
End Page: 171
Abstract: Revision hip arthroplasty is a frequently performed procedure and is projected to increase annually. Removal of a well-fixed acetabular component can involve loss of much needed bone stock. Contemporary instruments allow acetabular removal with minimal morbidity; however, their use requires accurate knowledge of the component size. We describe a technique that allows sizing to be determined accurately, without specialized equipment, in situations where component details are unavailable. Our technique multiplies ratio of head:cup on pre-operative X-ray by the diameter of the index femoral head which is removed intra-operatively to predict index cup size. This novel surgical technique appears accurate in prediction of cup size to guide explant in revision hip arthroplasty.
Internal ID Number: 01516
Health Subject: REVISION
Type: Journal Article
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