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Title: Can I check your understanding? Implementation of teach-back to improve health literacy for clients engaged in community rehabilitation.
Author: Worboyes, Bianca
Wong Shee, Anna
Heywood, Catherine
Beauchamp, Alison
Issue Date: 2019
Conference Name: Western Alliance Sixth Annual Symposium
Conference Date: 24 October
Conference Place: Ballarat, Australia
Abstract: Aim:The health system places a significant burden on clients to understand their health. Up to 80% of healthcare information is forgotten immediately and 50% of information recalled is incorrect. Teach-back, an evidencebased communication approach, involves clients explaining back in their own words what they have been told. This study evaluated the use of teach back in a regional health service. Methods: Methods: This is a mixed methods study. All clinicians in the community rehabilitation service were invited to participate in evaluation of the teach-back process. We used a co-design process for implementing teach-back with participating clinicians via focus group(s). Intervention: All staff were exposed to teach-back training. Postintervention: Teach-back was implemented by participating staff over a 6-month period. This abstract reports findings from a focus group held with participating clinicians on their perspectives of using teach back. Results: Clinicians (n=8) identified that using teach-back: • Reinforced and helped them reflect on own practice. • Highlighted specific areas for which the client needed further explanation to support a ‘take home’ message. • Written and printed information supported closing the loop of understanding • Increased understanding by clients supported decreased anxiety. • Clients that were more motivated in therapy gained more understanding of information. Conclusion: Conclusion: Findings highlighted that experienced clinicians were already checking understanding as part of their practice although having the 5-step structure of teach back supported closing the loop of misunderstanding. Challenges included self-consciousness about asking clients to repeat back, added time, and working with clients who are cognitively impaired.
Internal ID Number: 01468
Health Subject: TEACH-BACK
Type: Conference
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