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Title: Doing the 1 in 6. The Ballarat Health Services stroke riskometer challenge.
Author: Hair, Casey
Sahathevan, Ramesh
Kraemer, Thomas
Lau, Mandy
Feigin, V.
Krishnamurthi, R.
Issue Date: 2019
Conference Name: 5th European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC)
Conference Date: May 22- 24
Conference Place: Milan, Italy
Abstract: Background: People in regional Australia have a higher risk of stroke. Recent evidence indicates that approximately 90% of strokes may be attributed to a combination of 10 modifiable risk factors. The Grampians region, consisting approximately 240,000 people spread over 48,000km2, has a high incidence of stroke risk factors. In line with primary prevention strategies, Ballarat Health Services (BHS) sought to access the community using the Stroke Riskometer app to provide stroke education and reduce our stroke numbers. Aim: To decrease the incidence of stroke by educating the community about risk factors and stroke using the Stroke Riskometer app. Methods: A three stage model was developed to promote the Stroke Riskometer app using the ‘1 in 6 people’ stroke campaign promoted by the World Stroke Organization. People were asked to complete the app and encourage six other people in their lives to do the same. •Stage one involved engaging staff within Ballarat Health Services •Stage two involved promoting the stroke riskometer app via social media and targeting high traffic areas within the hopsital to reach non clinical staff, visitors and volunteers •Stage three aims to engage local business, media and schools Results: Ongoing internal auditing will take place to identify trends in stroke presentations within the hospital. Discussion: In collaboration with the team at Auckland University of Technology, Ballarat Health Services will monitor the amount of downloads that occur during the time frame to ascertain if the riskometer is being well utilised within the community.
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Type: Conference
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