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Title: Translating national guidelines into practice: a telehealth cardiology pharmacist clinic to enhance care for regionally based cardiac patients.
Author: Bishop, Jaclyn L.
Livori, Adam
Morrison, John
Dimond, Renee
Fitzpatrick, Aaron
Robertson, Carolyn
Oqueli, Ernesto
Aldrich, Rosemary
Kong, David C. M.
Issue Date: 2019
Conference Name: Western Alliance Sixth Annual Symposium.
Conference Date: 24 October
Conference Place: Ballarat, Australia
Abstract: Aim: Multidisciplinary management is recommended in Australian heart failure guidelines. A telehealth cardiology pharmacist clinic (TCPC) was established to translate this recommendation into practice and extend it to other cardiology patients. In this novel model, patients undergo a telehealth consultation with a pharmacist in the week prior to their cardiologist appointment. The consultation covers medication history, cardiac health and adherence assessment. Methods: The impact of the TCPC on cardiology consultation efficiency, patient safety and patient healthcare experience were evaluated. Time spent by the cardiologist gathering medication information and number of consultation with medical uncertainties (missing cardiac-related drugs or doses) were recorded using a time in motion method (before and after). Patients were surveyed on medication confidence and service satisfaction following their TCPC appointment. The costs saved by utilising telehealth as the mode of delivery were calculated based on the distance they lived from the hospital. Results: Analysis of 93 patient-cardiologist consultations indicated that the mean consultation length reduced by 4.3 minutes if a patient attended the TCPC (13.3min v 9.2min, p<0.001). Cardiologists spent 26% less time gathering medication information (p<0.0001). The accuracy of information improved, with medication uncertainties reduced from 61% to 3% when patients attended the TCPC (p<0.001). All patients were satisfied with the consultation (n=100) and 84% felt more confident to discuss their medicines with their cardiologist (81/96). There was 99% acceptance of telehealth as the mode of delivery (95/96). Compared to fact-to-face consultations, telehealth avoided 12,435km, $8,456 and 7.3 days in travel (n+226). Conclusion: This new model of care means that cardiologists spend less time gathering medication information and have greater certainty about the accuracy of the information. The TCPD is highly valued by patients and increases their confidence to discuss their medications with their specialist. Telehealth is an acceptable mode of delivery.
Internal ID Number: 01411
Health Subject: PHARMACIST
Type: Conference
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