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Title: How well are ICD-10 codes used to record cognitive impairment in Australian hospitals?
Author: Yates, Mark
Watts, Jennifer
Brodaty, Henry
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Alzheimer's Association International Conference
Conference Date: 22-26 July
Conference Place: Chicago, USA
Abstract: Background The national evaluation of Dementia Care in Hospitals Program involved prospectively screening over 11,000 hospital patients for cognitive impairment in four jurisdictions in Australia . ICD 10 codes were used to describe cognitive impairment and common hospital complications associated with cognitive impairment. Methods All patients 65 years of age and over in target wards in four hospitals were screened for cognitive impairment. One third of population the screened positive. ICD-10 codes were collected for all these patients for admission and associated conditions. Results 1,970 patients were screened in the control phase. 905 (46%) screened positive and 20% were recorded to have acquired a delirium. Conclusions Cognitive impairment in patients 65 and over admitted to Australian hospitals is common but the underlying cause is not well captured.
Internal ID Number: 01348
Health Subject: DEMENTIA CARE
Type: Conference
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