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Title: Identifying and prioritizing allied health research priorities informed by consumers, clinicians, health service managers and researchers.
Author: Clapham, Renee
Wong Shee, Anna
Aitken, John
Ananthapavan, Jaithri
McNamara, Kevin
Ugalde, Anna
Versace, Vincent
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Ballarat Health Services 2018 Annual Research Symposium: research partnerships for population, people and patients; celebrating our research partnerships with the community in the Grampians region
Conference Date: November 29th
Conference Place: Ballarat
Abstract: Background Clear research priorities for rural and regional areas are needed to address the health inequities that exist due to geographical, socioeconomic and workforce issues. In the funding of public health service research, it is essential that the research questions are important to the community, the health service and the clinicians who provide the health care. Current academic research may not align with what the community and clinicians see as research priorities for their context. Objectives/Aims This study (planned to begin in early 2019) will link the community, allied health professionals and health service managers of the Western Grampians area with academic researchers to identify priority research areas for allied health practice and service delivery. Method The study will consists of two phases. In Phase 1, surveys and focus groups consisting of community members will be used to gain an understanding of people’s experiences of allied health care, perceptions of service gaps and ways to improve care in the Grampians region. In Phase 2, the information from Phase 1 will be presented to the priority setting group that will consist of community members, clinicians, service managers and researchers. Using a modified Delphi method, the group will identify and agree on research priorities. The Delphi method has been shown to be an effective consensus approach for collecting expert opinion from diverse disciplines. It allows for timely communication, and because it is an anonymous forum, it overcomes issues related to peer pressure and power imbalances. Implications/Outcomes for Planned Research Project This study will consult broadly with the community, Allied Health clinicians, health service managers and researchers to gain a consensus on the research priorities for the Western Grampians. It will produce ‘researchable’ topics that have a direct link to the needs of the people in the Western Grampians region. This information will inform the development of a strategic regional approach to Allied Health research. Engaging consumers, clinicians and researchers to identify allied health research priorities will help ensure the relevance of health research, facilitate the translation of research findings into practice (clinical implementation) and ultimately improve patient outcomes (community benefit).
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Type: Conference
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